SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing

Effectively target customers searching for your products and services resulting in leads and sales.

"Experian Hitwise is the first of the traffic measurement services to check in with numbers for March 2010 The top 3 engines account for 95% of search engine traffic. Google accounts for 70%, Bing for 10% and Yahoo 15%. "

  • SEO offer a transparent approach to search engine marketing.
  • Proactive in making recommendations or improvements.
  • Structured approach to keyphrase research - identify the potential volume of visitors for each keyword.
  • Best practice knowledge across many industries.
  • Unsurpassed technical skills.
  • Passionate and dedicated to improving search engine marketing.
  • Openly describe the industry leading strategies and techniques we use to approach SEO.
  • We see ourselves as a long-term strategic partner.
  • Work on an exclusive basis for particular marketing areas and countries.

Since high visibility on internet is the primary concerns of every company that requires to sell its goods online, SEO needs to be part of their overall marketing plan. What is search engine optimization or SEO exactly? It refers to the activities where a website is made to attain higher rankings on search engine - especially on the big three Google, Bing and Yahoo- through optimization of its web pages. SEO includes two main parts - on page and off page optimization. In the former, keywords are optimized on the relevant webpage and included optimization of Meta tags and Page titles. Apart from inclusion of keywords, the content of the website is also critical in order to keep the potential surfer interested. Big Rattle website development processes make sure that companies get higher conversion rates from a website when customers clicking on the site actually buy products.

This is where Big Rattle come in. We provide offshore SEO and Offshore Internet Marketing services. We garuantee Search Engine Optimization results. When you outsource your SEO to us, we do extensive keyword research to make sure that you get the best results.

"According to an iProspect survey, seven out of ten respondents said they clicked a search result within the first page of results, while 92% clicked a result within the first three pages of search results. [Source: iProspect via eMarketer, April 2008]"