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As UX professionals, we often lead design exercises with our stakeholders, including immediate team members and external clients. In these brainstorming sessions, participants identify opportunities to improve the design, thereby aligning everyone's vision and expectations of the project.During such activities, teams will generate concepts as paper or whiteboard sketches. While these artifacts give a ten thousand-foot view of the emerging design

Prototyping breathes life into a design, giving it direction. Its iterative nature enables us to accelerate testing of multiple concepts, so that the best design survives the many rounds of brainstorming.

What exactly is a clickthrough prototype? A clickthrough prototype links multiple screens via hotspots (a hotspot is a screen area that, once interacted with via a click or tap, redirects the user to the target screen). A screen may have hotspots to multiple other screens, allowing you to put together complicated flows without having to focus on interactivity.

Clickthrough Prototypes Are The Answer

Sketch Ideas First

Before digitizing our prototypes, we need to sketch first. Sketching is necessary for clickthrough prototyping because it helps to organize the prototype and provides linkable assets. In participatory design, sketches record site maps, UI screens, user journeys and other early artifacts that form the project. Sketching has no technical barrier to entry, and even the least experienced person can learn to communicate visually in this way. It also frees you from having to rework clickthrough prototypes in a few ways: first, by creating modifiable throwaway assets; secondly, by generating many ideas; and thirdly, by enabling participants to expand on each other's ideas.

Sketch-Based Clickthrough Prototypes

Let's say that we've sketched some mobile Web designs in a group brainstorming session. Now, we want to link them together. This can be easily done using an online prototyping tool.