Mobile, Tablet and Wearable Apps

Build applications for iOS, Android, Windows phones, tablets and wearable devices.

"Mobile is the glue that will enable all other digital mediums"

If companies/organizations want to engage customers and clients, retain them, learn more about them and sell to them, they need to do more than creating a mobile friendly version of their website. You need to plan a cohesive and agile mobile strategy that will prepare you for the years ahead.

Most companies are only starting to explore the opportunities in mobile and the knowhow is thin and limited.- mobile is currently seen as a component of their digital media planning. We are moving towards a world where mobile will be the glue that will enable all other digital mediums.

More than 37% of organizations across the major industry verticals in India consider mobility a top enterprise IT priority for the next fiscal year, according to a newly published research report by IDC

Team up with the right partner

Enterprise mobility has the potential to revolutionize your business. What you need is a partner who has vision and truly understands mobility. We have been a specialist provider of enterprise mobility solutions for 3 years. We are independent, innovative and passionate about making mobility work for our customers

  • Presentations to upper management or the organization at large about the scope of change presented by mobile computing, and the likely directions it will take in the next 3-5 years. Outcomes: Management buy-in, organizational alignment.
  • Planning sessions with stakeholders (e.g., upper management, product owners, project managers, design, and development teams) for large scale responsive web design projects.Outcomes: Process/workflow definitions, awareness of and tactical responses to the unique challenges of responsive design.
  • Training workshops for web design and development teams on responsive design, progressive enhancement, hybrid HTML5 apps, offline web apps, remote debugging, and other critical aspects of creating digital products in a fragmented device landscape.Outcomes: Immediate increase in productivity and effectiveness of web teams.
  • We recognize that the mobile development process does not conclude with the marketplace launch. In the BRT Consulting "Customer for Life" approach, our tech professionals are dedicated to creating a tech solution that surpasses your goals and transforms your enterprise.

    The BRT Consulting mobile application development team has developed multi-platform, enterprise rated mobile apps for customers in a number of verticals, including: Healthcare, Entertainment and Transportation.