Applications built with a blend of
design function
Focus on making user experience
seamless delightful
Engineering focus
Application Development Product Development
Consultants that ensure your success by focusing on
innovation technology



Backend as a Service: Build and extend your services via API or customer user interface to various businesses complete with tracking, monitoring, billing.


Design and Implementation of SaaS Products: Leverage our services for product ideation, architecture, design, development, quality assurance and maintenance.

Business Process Automation

Save time and money by automating your business processes and bringing them online for real time processing, analysis, monitoring and reporting.

Sales Tracking and Analysis

In order to make data driven decisions, the sale-person journey needs to be tracked, calibrated, analyzed and measured. These trends in your sales data, can help you determine market opportunities and potential problems.

Sales Force Automation

Manage and organize potential leads from multiple channels. It enables your team to receive real-time notifications. A single dashboard to see the entire sales funnel with lead status and revenue in pipeline.

Marketing Data Analytics

Rich data dashboards displaying key parameters, trends and patterns, data drill down, heatmaps.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Online and realtime tracking, reporting, status reports, summary.


Rich shopping experiences complete with detailed cataloging, description, demos, videos, integrated shopping experience, smart devices, personalisation, customisation, payments and invoicing.

Social Interaction and Networking

Leverage social networks to connect and transfer payments to friends, families or businesses. Simplified payment and collection options to leverage complex banking payment infrastructure.


Asset Tracking using Smart Devices and IOT: Use smart devices for track and maintain inventory, deliveries, notifications, status reports.


Record, maintain and track customer journeys and provide rich interactive follow through based on customer status, buying behavior, website interaction, etc. Automated connect points and interaction via SMS, email, notifications.

Analysis and assessment

Automated lending process with risk assessment, data processing, collections, contracts.




Many digital projects fail due to an agency’s lack of understanding around business model and value proposition. With rigorous analysis we help you identify the correct technology to make sure the focus remains on your business and customers.

The analysis phase helps us to review your existing assets, carry out research and thereby hone in on most relevant solutions to your problems.

Ideation and insight

We work with you to understand your idea, business and challenges and help develop the idea into a concrete feature set documentation for design and prototyping.

Product Requirement

We identify the best solution for your business. We then utilize the final document to build a working prototypes to test the application in the marketplace or with a closed group.

Product Strategy

Once we have a final prototype we work with you to define expectations to ensure that your product is more than a sum of its parts. We use our experience to deliver enhanced usability and user experience.

Innovation Lab

We continually experiment with new technologies so that we can help you identity the best technology for your current and future needs.


We start with competitor analysis, market and user research, our deliverables can include pitches, prototypes, strategic digital milestones and more. Our design team utilizes all the above to come up with design for total customer immersion by focusing on usability and precision.

Customer experience

We work with you to define and design the perfect customer’s experience with your company or brand, at all touchpoints. We draw on our overall experience of using products or services.


Our rapid prototyping services help evolve your product idea in the direction of the “right” product with minimum possible investment of time and money.

Visual & Brand Design

Brand philosophy is key when deciding on the direction of the design for your digital platform. We help communicate your brand philosophy through visual storytelling.

Service Design

Today, digital and service design go very much hand-in-hand. Design is a collaboration- a blend of your companies vision and our designers translation of that into the digital world. Our process depends upon what you think, your feedback and input during this collaborative process.


Big Rattle has grown its skill set and delivery capacity to ensure seamless experience for our customers. To ensure we can maintain the quality of our development our growth has been organic. Our hiring process is based on logic and the right fit for the organisation rather than degrees. This has helped us expand out technology footprint and experiment with new technologies and guide our customer towards the right solution for them.

Mobile app

With a team of over 25 developers, we're accomplished in the development of iOS, Android and Hybrid apps. we keep our team lean to enable rapid deployment and our teams continuously learn from each other. Our teams stay lean and rapidly deploy customized solutions for each client.

Web app

Our frontend developers dedicate themselves to HTML, CSS and React & Angular JavaScript frameworks. Web content consumption today must be available on mobile and web browsers, which means the architecture must be flexible and open.


We help our client Harness more sensors, more data, and more power to change the way you work. Any solution must address such as- it is improving operational efficiency and/or workforce productivity. Also when thinking externally and especially does it redefine the customer experiences for returning as well as new customers.

Emerging Technologies

We constantly experiment with the shiny new technology to make sure that your emphasis remains on decision-making. Technologies are merely a facilitator of the actions you want. Some of the technologies we are bullish on: Kubernetes, Cloud and Edge Computing, Omnichannel analytics

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About Us

In 2012, two of us decided that we should stop complaining about the poor usability of website and mobile app and start a company to focus on technology. Today we have grown to a 25+ developer team. Our goal is simple: deliver seamless digital experience, by ensuring delivery through a well defined business process. This ensures smooth and predictable running of the project.
As digital becomes more critical we team up with organizations that understand the significance of digital, helping them to analyse, design, develop and scale exceptional digital experiences that deliver measurable results.
As part of our community outreach, we contribute a part of our resources and expertise towards building cutting-edge digital products for non-profits and charities at reduced cost.

Ashoke Kumar Seth

Co-Founder & Director

Girish Kundlani

Co-Founder & Director

Raju Neyyan

Director – Project Delivery


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