CRM - Customer Relationship Management

A Relationship with Customers That Drives You

Ready to integrate the best tool to interact with customers and document respective data?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services brought to you by Big Rattle Technologies. We prepare the organization to gain, retain, and regain customers by automating the business process and taking customer satisfaction to new heights.

Definition of CRM

Customer Relationship Management technology is an approach that emphasizes that all enterprises should improve the ways they interact with the customers, thereby improving the business-customer relationship. The primary goal is crystal clear, i.e., to increase customer satisfaction. The custom CRM development services allow companies to stay in touch with customers via several means and streamline the processes that help in earning larger profits.

Talking about CRM usually refers to the CRM system that serves as the tool for contact and sales management to improve productivity. Our solutions will facilitate you to focus your company’s relationship with individuals like customers, service users, suppliers, and colleagues. With its help, you can continue making the bonds with the existing customers stronger and further increase the numbers.

By using the combination of practices, technologies, and strategies, we can build a solution for you that will automatically manage and analyze the customer interactions and data for the customer lifecycle. Get a system that compiles customer data across multiple channels and acts as the point of contact between the customers and business.

Big Rattle Technologies is here so that the companies who are not happy with their current Customer Relationship Management can upgrade the services and accommodate the future business requirements. If you need an advanced CRM solution, then you’ve arrived at your destination.


Full-Featured Custom CRM Software

Big Rattle Technologies design custom software that covers the various touchpoints and functionalities of the businesses. We develop a system that is tailored to your needs and allows you to implement smooth yet effective management. Having a professional software development team that specializes in such a management system is a blessing. Hence, we follow the best industry practices, and our finest technology experts automate everything.

Innovation with Technology- Outstanding Solutions Driving Growth

Smart and user-friendly solutions to help businesses get leverage over the data and information stored in the database. We start with understanding your core requirements and collaborate with your management team to customize the Customer Relationship Management System. We devise a system that lifts the existing administration and creates proficiency in the computations.

Our CRM Services

Achieve higher efficiency in sales, marketing, and customer service by having Big Rattle Technologies to work for you. Increasing revenue and profits significantly is our motto.

  • Custom Development: We craft CRM software according to the client’s specifications through advanced technology implementations to ensure that it suits all your business requirements
  • Data Management: Manage customer’s critical data using the robust CRM software so that it is accessible over multiple servers 24/7 and don’t pose any risk during business expansion
  • Journey Mapping: Customer Relationship Management involves mapping the customer journey with minute details to enhance their experience and bring satisfaction
  • Informed Decisions: Access to the entire history of the customer allows the management to make informed decisions based on various metrics and reports & boost sales
  • Lead/Sales Generation: Get leads and generate more sales by utilizing the customer’s records and gain intelligence to avoid mistakes made in the past and lead your company
  • System Integration: Integrate as many application software as you want with CRM to operate and supervise all departments within the organization with minimal efforts
  • Automated Sales: From filling out forms to gathering customer intel, everything will be done automatically, and the sales team will have more to contribute
  • Higher Productivity: CRM that handles customer care, sales, and marketing tasks, so that customer interaction and relationship management is done well
  • Report Analysis: Get the advanced Customer Relationship Management tools and plugins that will allow you to inspect sales and conversions with just a few clicks
  • Data Security: Centralize the customer data through CRM and protect it from unauthorized personnel that ensure that customer data and trade details are safe

How Big Rattle Technologies aids Businesses?

Big Rattle is one of the esteemed software development companies you can rely on. We help you by providing

  • Custom CRM strategies
  • Scheduled Reminders
  • Distinctive Estimates
  • Customer Retention
  • Analytical Tools
  • Sales Team Feedback
  • Invoice Management
  • Project Expense Estimation

Get Big Rattle experts to support and develop the right solutions and prepare your business to be the future brand!