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Prototyping (MVP - Minimum Viable Product)

The great idea does not always translate to business success. There is execution, timing, and determining/addressing the right market. We at Big Rattle can assist you in executing your idea – without the cost of building something unproven.

Validating Your Idea with a Prototype

Prototyping will give you a minimum viable product (MVP) that you can place in front of potential users or customers in order to garner feedback. This procedure is an important step in the application development cycle. It will assist in utilizing your budget more effectively whilst making the best possible usage of your time. These key insights will be made available within weeks and at a price that won’t hurt your budget. Rather than commencing full feature development, we focus on testing your idea first using a prototype.

It’s All About Making Wise Decisions

The primary goal of formulating a prototype is to ascertain the marketability and revenue generating ability of your idea as quick as possible. Your prototype is developed to help you make wise decisions on:

  • Optimal UI: There are numerous ways to design a visually beautiful and highly functional user interface (UI). Our team of expert designers is trained to emphasize accessibility, usability, functionality, and beauty. We aim to place ourselves in the shoes of the users and come up with a UI that impresses everyone.
  • Key Features and Functionality: We aim to comprehend which features are imperative and which aren’t. It’s enticing to continually develop more features but it won’t essentially add to your app’s or website’s usefulness. We’ll determine the functionality and features necessary then incorporate them and nothing else in our prototype process.
  • Required User Interactions: If you build a great app or website, customers will interact with it in numerous different ways. Our prototyping process is customer-centric, implying we focus on which interactions are most important to those using your website or app. We’ll ensure that their experiences are seamless and consistent whilst assuring their expectations are fulfilled every time.

Our Prototyping Process

  • Comprehend the landscape
  • Determine core requirements
  • Research
  • Build an initial prototype
  • Test & review the prototype
  • Review & improve the prototype
  • Repeat

We’ll collaborate with you to prototype and test new ideas quickly to bring them to life!!