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Sales Force Automation/ Marketing Data Analytics

Get insights from the data you gather from customers!

Utilize sales tracking, sales analysis, and sales force automation services and move ahead even without technical skills. Big Rattle is always here to back up the hefty task of development and integrates the solution the client desires for.

Sales Tracking and Analysis Services

Big Rattle Technologies has a team that understands the sales tracking and data analysis task hassle-free. Sales tracking is a critical aspect of data gathering and helps in generating insights. After all, it is sales data and metrics that allow a business to identify trends and use them to forecast future sales performance.

We provide our services to ensure that the sales professionals focus on improvement, opportunities, and potential sales points that can generate revenue. Sales reps and managers across the globe have one goal, i.e., to supercharge the revenue. The history of sales and its analysis undoubtedly makes future predictions more productive by laying a solid foundation.

Sales Force Automation

For all this, you will need a reliable sales tracking and analysis software that empowers and accelerates the business growth. Reducing time and relevant operational costs are also some benefits that you get for free. Illuminate the path that will tell you how to increase the revenue. The right sales tracking software will cover functions:

  • Understand business statistics to support future decisions
  • Empower to create analysis and handle reports
  • Accurate data analysis and forecasts that brings ROI
  • Increase accessibility and improve customer service

Sales are not just figures. It’s about setting goals and targets that are successfully achieved over time. And the sales analytics software will assist you in reaching the goals without any disruptions.

SalesForce Automation Services

Considered mostly as a part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation records the stages of the sales process automatically. The key idea behind this is to keep track of the contacts that are made through the customer and follow up with them to gather more intel. From phone calls to emails and meetings, when you have all the information at your fingertips, the risks of losing customers are minimal.

Our Sales Force Automation Process

  • Task Management: Create a task or reminder that syncs up with the customer account and integrates your customers
  • Team Collaboration: SFA allows multiple users to access and edit customer’s data creating a central hub for business
  • Reports & Analysis: Push and pull out the customer information stored through in the CRM to gain insights
  • Lead Management: Set the methodologies and practices to generate new potential leads and manage them
  • Opportunity Management: Identify the business and community development opportunities that sustain the business
  • Contact Management: Handle the tasks of customer tracking, vendor communication, and leverage the data smartly

Marketing Data Analytics Services

Big Rattle Technologies is here to cover all the sales tracking and analysis for your business. Our job is to harness the power of data and blend the data science and real-world business intelligence altogether to improve business capabilities. Marketing data analytics derives useful information that helps in measuring, managing, and analyzing the existing marketing efforts. With that, you will also be able to calculate the effectiveness of the solutions and work your way to optimize Returns on Investment.

Marketing Data Analytics is often used for evaluation of the initiatives taken by a company to measure the overall performance of KPIs. Not only can you find out how the marketing campaigns are performing, but also tells you about the aspects where you lack potential. Big Rattle Technologies can help you get a thorough understanding of Marketing and Sales Analytics to increase efficiency and minimize the expense.

Big Rattle Technologies uses the methodologies that are tested and proven over the years to be fruitful.

  • Derive meaning from Large Data Sets
  • KPI tracking for Business Implications
  • Internal/External Data Requests
  • Enhance reporting tools for evolving needs
  • Shape Long Term Reporting Strategy
  • Summarize the sales data and findings
  • Develop & Monitor Data Quality

Apart from general analysis, Big Rattle excels at

  • Segmentation
  • Statistical Regression
  • Machine Learning
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Time Series Econometrics
  • Sensitivity Modeling

We know that managers often handle extensive pressure to demonstrate a stable system to gain ROI. Hence, Big Rattle helps to establish the right mix of sales tracking, sales analysis, and sales force automation services at affordable costs.

Call us and let our team know what you need and we’ll deliver!