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Service Design

Making a service meet a user or a customer’s need is Service Designing. It can either be used to improve an existing service or creating a new service from scratch. Services should ideally be designed to meet the customer needs and not based on the internal needs of the business. They should be designed with input from users of the service.

Service Design helps develop a customer-centric strategy, improve the customer experience and align the team. This business objective must be aligned with the customer experience. This creates the opportunity to innovate and at the same time adapt employees and internal processes step by step.

Benefits of Service Design are:

  • It helps organizations take notice of the unmet needs of the clients and create value from the insights
  • Helps create shared goals and challenges to work on for the team together
  • Helps create greater understanding of the customer and to retain their views on the project for the delivery of complex services
  • By using designing tools like user jouneys and blueprints, the team will also have a richer organizational understanding of customer and organizational issues and opportunities.
  • We create experiences that are consistent across touch points and designed around customer needs

This methodology helps strategically define opportunities and makes a plan actionable.